We’re a remote design studio that crafts digital experiences that leave a lasting impact.

We launch beautiful, engaging websites and digital products that help brands forge a connection with their audience all while aligning with their business goals.

who we are.

float:left is made of Anne Feldman & Smriti Sundar, two designers who met in grad school and recognized a shared passion for making cool sh*t.

Smriti is an Architect turned Product Designer obsessed with making things that are meaningful (and beautiful and usable) for the community at large.

Current Obsession
MCM furniture
the MoMA gift shop
Eating tacos for every meal.
Titanic for the 2356th time.
Listening to
Design Better Podcast

Anne is a  Product Designer with 10 years of prior experience as video editor and motion designer. She loves asking questions to understand the "why" behind the problem she's solving.

Current Obsession
Salsa dancing
DIY-ing her apartment
A documentary or a Raptors game
Listening to
Brazilian Bosa Nova
The Daily Podcast

what we do.

Our practice tackles each project with a thorough and holistic approach. We lead with curiosity to gain a deep understanding of the problem space, allowing us to develop impactful creative solutions that wow users.

We understand that each client, project, and budget is unique, therefore we adapt and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

work with us.

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Whether you know what you need, or you're still figuring it out, don't hesitate to get in touch. Let's see if we can build something great together!

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